Saturday, April 29, 2017

"Oh, the places we will go" - Yucatan & Yellowstone #atozchallenge

Yucatan, Mexico is a peninsula , in southeastern Mexico, that separates the Caribbean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico. It is famous for the Chichén Itzá ruins as well as the tourist destination of Cancun.

Shortly after Stu and I got together, we flew to Cancun for a week in our timeshare. I had only been to the border town of Los Algodones and wasn't sure what to expect in Cancun.

Royal Solaris was a great resort with no need to leave for anything unless you wanted to. We did a couple of excursions. One to Señor Frogs and one to Isla Mujeres. We had a great time although I admit we were fairly isolated due to staying at the resort. Oh, we did take a bus to Walmart. LOL!

BONUS: Yellowstone (I really wanted to be able to put Yosemite here, but our attempt to visit after our Rt 66 ride was thwarted by the government shut-down. Sigh...

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