Sunday, May 20, 2018

#SundayPhotoFiction: Freedom Sought

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Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

He'd been monitoring the tunnel for weeks. During the day it was filled with tour groups, anxious to get a sense of how those living on the other side of the wall might have felt when they snuck through, free at last.

He wanted, no, needed to be free. He'd tried tagging on the back of the tourists but they always caught him. He had no money for bribes and they'd drag him back to where he had started.

But he wasn't discouraged. He'd figured out a way to get in at night. A way no one, that he knew of, had ever tried. He'd had to lose weight so he'd fit, but after measuring and building a duplicate of the opening, he knew he would fit.

Tonight was the night. Three hours after the sun set, dragging his duffel bag behind him, he slithered down deep into the hidden opening. His heart was racing, not with fear, but with joy. He was going to be free.

Regimes change and the new one was determined to erase the past. The tunnel was blasted and as the rock was carried off, one worked held up an old duffel bag.

198 words


  1. Very cool. It is a bit scary to think he might have been trapped, and died all alone in the dark. Or did he just leave it so he could return night after night to try for his freedom? Or did he actually make his bid good, and had finally reached the freedom he dreamed about so much?

    I look forward to the next installment to free me of which of the above options finally happened.

  2. 'The best laid plans of mice and men'. Delightfully different Donna.

    Welcome to Keith's Ramblings!

    1. Thanks, Keith. Appreciate all your visits and comments!

  3. My first thought is he didn't make it out alive. Great take Donna.

    1. That was my first thought as well...but, nothing was said about bones... ;)


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