Tuesday, May 29, 2018

#SundayPhotoFiction: Gone Too Soon

Photo credit: Susan Spaulding
She was heartbroken, part of her was gone. She sat at the foot of the headstone and stared at the figurine wearing items she didn't understand. She cocked her head. "I guess that resembles him." She touched it, tracing the hard curves of the fur coat. "He was much softer." She sighed, remembering all the good times they had been through.  

They had been friends first, as youngsters playing together. That turned into a love relationship that lasted many years. Till...

She didn't want to think about it. The car that came out of nowhere, killing two. The screams still echoed inside her head and she shook it, trying to make them stop.

She heard a soft whisper by her side. "I miss them, too. I wish we could bring them back." She was enveloped in a hug. "At least we still have each other."

They sat silently for a bit longer. "It's almost time to go." She felt a tug on her leash and listened as he read the headstone...

Patrice Alicia Melton
Age twenty-two
Gone too soon,
The angels needed her
and Sparky,
her faithful companion.

188 words

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  1. I have not had a pet in a long while... but I can still empathize.

    (Yep, it's Jules - thanks for visiting my WP SPF piece "The Upside...etc. - I have a Blogger place just for comments... I had a heck of a time crossing from WP to Blogger for comments, so I just gave up.)

    1. Hey Jules...A few years back I moved everything to WP under my domain. I spent all my time stopping hackers, doing upgrades, fixing stuff. I'm not a techy person so I moved back to Blogger. LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Awww, thanks Wendy, for stopping by to read and taking time to comment.

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    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting, Alistair. Much appreciated!


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