Friday, May 25, 2018

#writephoto - Family

My entry in Sue Vincent's Thursday #writephoto challenge: TURRETS

"How much further is it, Da? I'm tired." Little Joseph complained to his father.

"Not far. Do you want me to carry you?" Big Joseph brushed the snow off his son's nose.

"If'n I can piggy back." He jumped up and down, stamping the snow off his oversize boots.

"Up you go!" Quicker than you could say Dargrim, he swung Little Joseph up onto his shoulders. "all set?"

"Yes, sir." He looked around. "I can see forever and more from up here, Da!"

"Can you see the castle?"

Little Joseph shaded his eyes and stared ahead. "I think so. But maybe not. I don't know." He hung his head. "Sorry, Da."

"Not to worry. We'll be there in the blink of a pig's eye." He strode ahead, knowing the way from memory even though the forest trail had changed over the years.



"Why we going here again? I forgetted." He giggled as a stray hair tickled his ear.

"We're going to visit your grandparents."

"And why couldn't Ma come with us?"

Big Joseph sighed, hating that he had to lie to his son. "Your mum was feeling poorly. This trip would be too much for her."

"Oh, yeah. Now I rememberers..."

"Don't bounce or you'll get tossed off!"

"Sorry." Little Joseph concentrated on the view ahead.

"I think I see the castle, Da."

"Do ya, now. Tell me what you see."

After listening to his son's fanciful description, he laughed. "Well, that's a bit grandiose but it sounds like the right place." He paused and pulled his son off his shoulders. "You think you can walk the rest of the way now?"

"C'mon, Da. Don't be so slow!" Little Joseph started running ahead.

Big Joseph shook his head. "I'm right behind you, son."

As the approached the forbidding structure, the duo slowed their pace.

"Da, my tummy feels funny."

"You'll be fine son. You're just excited about meeting your grandparents for the first time."

He stopped and looked up at his father. "What if they don't like me?"

"How could anyone not like you?" But Big Joseph had his own doubts. It had been almost ten years since his wife's parents had kicked her out for getting pregnant with an underling. A lot had changed since then, some things for the better, some for the worse. His wife had sent a missive to her parents, begging them to take in her son and raise him. He had no idea whether they would welcome Little Joseph or not. But he had to try. He linked hands with his son and urged him forward.

A bugle sounded as they approached the front gate of the castle, turrets rising high into the clouds. They waited for the gate to open. Little Joseph gripped his father's hand with surprising strength. He whispered, "I'm scared."

"Stand tall, son. Make your mum proud."

With that admonishment, Little Joseph dropped his father's hand, stood up straight and clasped his hands behind his back. Big Joseph mimicked his son's posture.

A puff of smoke preceded the entourage walking towards them. The group was lead by his wife's father. He stopped and stared at Little Joseph. "Humph. He doesn't look like much. Are you sure?"

Big Joseph nodded.

"Two years?"

He nodded again.

"Looks like you," the man who was purported to be his grandfather snorted toward the boy who stiffened. The man waved his hand, dismissing the people standing behind him. He knelt down and stared into Little Joseph'e eyes. "You know why you're here, boy?"

"Because you're my grandpa and me mum is feeling poorly. She says you can teach me things."

"Oh? And what kind of things do you need to learn?"

Little Joseph brought his hands forward, closed his eyes, said a few words as he pointed upwards. A huge explosion in the air removed one of the castle's turrets.

"He'll do. You can go." He dismissed Big Joseph and took the boy's hand. "You're going to be a great warlock, just like me, your grandfather."


  1. Oh, I really did not see that ending coming. Very good.

  2. A very nice twist at the end there, Donna :)

    1. Thank you, Sue. I never know where a story will go until I type. Always interesting.

  3. A shame for the family to be split so, but I can see why the parents decided he would be better with the grandparents! :-)


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