Tuesday, May 8, 2018

#writephoto - Illusions

My entry in Sue Vincent's Thursday #writephoto challenge: ASCENT

It was past her bedtime but that didn't matter. She had a mission and she planned to fulfill it. She pulled her long nightgown up above her ankles so she wouldn't trip. Her tiny slippers didn't make a sound against the plush carpet.

A creak stopped her - she paused, holding her breath. Nothing. She let it out and continued up the staircase. Her parents had forbidden her to visit the tower but refused to give her a reason. Well, anyone who knows eight year olds, knows that to forbid is to ensure the forbidden will be done.

She reached the top of the stairs and pushed the heavy door ajar, just wide enough to peek inside. Mist swirled around the room, but not a fog like mist. No. This was a glittery mist in a myriad of colors. Her fear dissipated so she pushed the door harder and entered the room.

Music like she had never heard before came at her from all direction, startling her. She whirled to leave but the door slammed shut. "Stop it, whoever you are." She stamped one tiny foot in anger. She had no patience for tomfoolery, as her mother would say.

"Come out and meet me."


"I mean it. Come out now!"

The glittery mist appeared to shimmer more than when she entered the room and the music changed tempo.

"I don't like this. If you don't come out, I'm leaving." She crossed her arms, daring whatever it was to face her.

The mist thickened and she struggled to breath. "Forget it. I don't want to meet you," she gasped as she tugged on the door. Panic set in when she realized it wouldn't open. She banged on it, "Let me out! I want out! Mama, Papa, let me out!" The tears were streaking the glitter on her face. "I promise to never come to the tower again. Please..." She sank onto the floor, her nightgown now covered in glitter. She continued whimpering, "Please let me out. I won't come again."

"Lecia, what are you doing in there?" Her mother's voice broke through her sobs.

"Mama! I can't open the door."

The door creaked open and her mother stood in the doorway. "How many times..." She waved her arms as she shook her head.

Lecia thought she said something like "be gone" as she picked her up from the floor. "I'm sorry, Mama. I'll never come-" She stopped as her mother turned and she got a glimpse of the room again. the mist was gone and so was the glitter. Was it all a dream or some type of illusion? She shuddered and buried her head in her mother's s shoulder. It didn't matter. She would never return least not alone.

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  1. That's a great story... very atmospheric :)

    1. Thank you, Sue. I appreciate the visit and look forward to participating in more of your prompts.

  2. So fun to come over and read your take on the prompt, Donna. Mother has a few secrets, it seems. I like the mystery in his and the questions it raised. A lovely read. :-)

    1. Thanks, Diana. It was a fun write...I never know what will come out when I start. This one has promise for more, thinking it might be a prologue.

  3. Nice to find you here on this writing prompt Donna, a wonderful atmospheric tale. The secret that mama keeps in the spare room! :-)

    1. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed writing flash the A to Z challenge definitely worked. I'm following three or four prompt sites now. I may not do every one, every week, but I will be doing one or two. Thanks for stopping!


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