Wednesday, July 18, 2012

August Blog Schedule

I promised you something special during the month of August since I will be 1) without easy Internet access and 2) participating in Camp NoNoWriMo. I'm going to pre-post a blog every other day using the below schedule. If you are interested in doing something similar, post your blog link in the comments below and let us find you.

15 Day Quote Challenge
[which I'm spreading across 30 days]
  • Day One: A quote that describes you. 
  • Day Two: A quote from a favorite writer.
  • Day Three: A quote from your favorite book.
  • Day Four: A quote that makes you laugh. 
  • Day Five: A short quote.
  • Day Six: A quote from a song.
  • Day Seven: A quote you disagree with.
  • Day Eight: A stupid quote.
  • Day Nine: A quote from someone you know personally.
  • Day Ten: A well-known quote.
  • Day Eleven: A quote about love.
  • Day Twelve: A quote about friendship.
  • Day Thirteen: A quote about cats.
  • Day Fourteen: A quote about something you love.
  • Day Fifteen: Your favorite quote.
[Thanks to Raine Kingsley for this great idea]



  1. Oh gosh - I am tempted, but I have only August to do a total rewrite of a novel and re-submit it to an agent who has shown an interest. September is my holiday time - where are you off to?

  2. Hey Liz, I'm not "really" going to a camp, it's just the name for participating in the summer NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month - normally November).

    As to the quotes, I did all of mine in advance and have the scheduled to publish every other day. I'm going to try to stay off social media as much as possible in August, even keeping blog reading/comments and email to a minimum.

    So give it a was fun hunting up quotes to fit. ;-)


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