Friday, July 20, 2012

#Write4Ten Prompt: Solitude

I've been writing my Write 4 Ten stories in the actual prompt but now that my online time is sporadic and limited, I will be posting them here...when I have ten minutes to spare.

This is for yesterday's prompt of  "Solitude" and is a short scene out of my upcoming mystery novel, "Not a Whisper".

Kat heard the front screen door slam and a deep voice boomed out. “Hey Kat, get yer butt out here.”

She sighed, the last thing she needed was a confrontation with Hal Lockworth today. Wiping her hands she walked to the doorway to the dining room, “What can I do for you, Hal?”

He leaned towards her, “You know what I want. When you gonna sell this white elephant and make yourself a tidy profit?” He leaned close enough that she smelled the whiskey on his breath. “I know you’re late on your mortgage payment - again. Sell now and walk away with cash in your pocket or sit it out and I’ll get it anyway.”

Stunned, Kat spun and ran back into the kitchen, holding back the tears. “Pompous asshole,” she muttered, but she was worried. Hal wasn't going to stop till she sold to him or got out from under the mortgage. She couldn't tell her husband Erik about the threats since he never wanted her to buy the Kafe in the first place.

There was no one she could talk to. She was friends with the locals but no one she could confide in, no one with a shoulder she could lean on. Besides, the locals already knew too much about her personal life; having the police visit your house on a regular basis took care of that.

Pouring herself a cup of coffee, she sat at an empty table and closed her eyes. Take me away to my happy place, she thought. A little island in the South Pacific, that would be perfect. A deserted beach, a comfortable chair, warm sunshine and a soft breeze. Perfect.


  1. I enjoyed this short snippet. thanks for sharing your writing prompt:)

  2. Ah yes, The Happy Place. Hmmm . . . now I'm wondering why the police visit Kat's home so much. Perhaps she could sell, take the money and start a new life sans Erik (who doesn't sound all that supportive) - perhaps a beach cafe? Sounds pretty good to me! Thanks for the read!

  3. I'm with Yellow Rose - a beach cafe would be the perfect spot for Kat! Great teaser :-)

  4. I'm thinking Kat's story may be her own book in the Klondike Mystery Series. ;-)

  5. My name is also Kat (or one of my names for people who can't be bothered to say my full name Katherine!) so I've become "KAT" in certain circles and I've adopted the KAT-like qualities of stealth operating around the perimeter and assessing the 'pompous assholes' and then the usual confusion that comes with sorting out life. A beach cafe with a hardware store in the back that repairs specialty items. Coffee and local art shows, with wandering minstrel poets stopping in to converse.

  6. Hi Kat, your attitude is what "my" Kat needs to acquire. ;-) Thanks for stopping by and adding your comment!


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