Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The ABCs of Me - N to Z

Several writerly blogs I follow have done this and I thought I'd give it a try...enjoy! You can find the first 13 letters HERE.

Nerd - I was definitely high on the nerd scale growing up. Think last member chosen in gym class. I've never been athletic although I have tried a few activities along the way. I had my own horses in my 20's, showing in Western Classes at rodeos. I wasn't a good rider but I sure was an enthusiastic one. I learned to ski at age 45, the instructor telling me I was Blue but I never felt better than Green.

Oatmeal - I disliked it as a child, I dislike it as an adult. I've tried brown sugar, raisins, nuts, fruit and it still is like eating paste. My mother loved it and my husbands have all loved it. Me, not so much.

Perfectionist - It's not fun being a perfectionist, I was one for too many years. Never satisfied that what you are doing is good enough. Never happy with the final result. Always tweaking things, trying to improve them. I've been a Type A personality all my life. It's tiring! I think I have managed to slow down to a Type B- maybe, still working on the Type Z..... zzzzzzzzz

Quiet - [This is a two-fer.] I love the quiet and solitude of remote areas. There might be the sounds of bugs, birds, trees but it's still quiet and I can sit and listen to it forever. #2 - I've always HATED to hear someone shout 'Shut Up' and would never let my kids say it. I much prefer a shouted 'Be Quiet', if one has to shout.

Restaurants - Growing up without fast food joints, a trip to a restaurant was a major event in our lives. Coming from a small seacoast town, my memories are of seafood restaurants. I never had fried chicken until my late teens, I never had a taco until my late 20's and I never had Japanese until my late 30's. I wish I had been exposed more often to new things and maybe it would have been easier to be adventurous once out on my own.

Scotland - My paternal grandmother was Clan MacQuarrie from Nova Scotia, thus my Scottish roots. I love reading romance stories set in Scotland and hope to visit one day.

Tippy - My first dog, that I remember, was Tippy. He was a true Heinz57 dog, loved us kids and obviously had some herding instinct. We woke one morning to find our pet rabbits had gotten loose (each of us three kids had one) and he had kept them gathered under the rabbit hutch all night.

Ugly Betty - I never watched the TV Show, I could never get past the name. It just seemed so mean and growing up as a not-so-lovely girl, it just hit too close to home.

Vacation - People tend to think that you are on permanent vacation when you live and travel full-time in an RV. Not so...our everyday life is just like everyone else's: chores, bills, doctor appointments, bad days, good days. We love to take a cruise or fly to a special spot for our vacations.

What Ifs - Over the years I have learned to never think about the "what ifs". You can't change the past and I became the person I am to today thanks to all my mistakes learning experiences.

Xxx - This one is in honor of my pen name, my 'other' persona. Don't ever think that you have to be young to write erotica. [Please do NOT click the link unless you are prepared for adult stories.]

Yacht - Not a real pleasant childhood memory...we were invited out for an afternoon on a 58' yacht. Now I have no idea if that is really a "yacht" but to an 8 year old kid, it was. I got so seasick, and then I made the mistake of going below to lay down. Not good...LOL!

Zen Habits - If you haven't found this blog, you need to. I always find something good to read.


  1. That's a really good idea.. Glad I am not the only quiet one..x

  2. It's a great filler when you are short on topics. Sorry for the typos, just found several and fixed them. ;-)

  3. Love that final one, Donna. It is now added to my favorites bar. :) Great idea...I might have to give this ABC a go myself..:)

  4. Fun! RE: Oatmeal. I use less water than it calls for, add oatmeal and chocolate chips. It gives it a warm, underdone (the way I love my cookies) cookie taste. The ONLY way I'll eat it. :-)

  5. My father had an absolute rule about saying "shut up," which my sisters and I turned into a big joke. His rule worked, though; none of us say "shut up" now, other than in jest.

    Loved reading all these bits and pieces of detail about your life and past, Donna. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. It's a great blog fill-in for sure, plus I had fun figuring out what to use.


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