Friday, July 27, 2012

I missed it...My 6 month blogversary

I missed my six month blogversary, it was on July 7th. So I thought I'd take a minute and look back over my past posts. It's been a great six months with a wide variety of topics, a lot of flash fiction that has since been published in my ebooks, some humor and hopefully some good information.

So, in honor of six months, here are what Blogger thinks (stats wise) are my top six posts. Nope, that won't audience has been expanding rapidly in the last thirty days (thanks to my Twitter Journey).

Okay, you'll have to settle for my favorites - hoping you'll see something of interest that you missed before.
  1. No Use Crying [flash fiction] - this was the first flash fiction I wrote in response to another blog's prompt
  2. Blogger and Word Verification [rant] - it's gotten better, but when I make the #IWSG rounds, I still hit a lot of site requiring word verification
  3. Picture me.... - using images in our blogs and on our websites, chose the right way
  4. On being a motorcyclist.... - a little history on my motorcycle riding
  5. Science Fiction and TV Shows - remember these?
  6. Writing Excuses - one of my top favorites


  1. Happy 6 month blogiversary, Donna! You've accomplished so much with the blog, in such a short time :)

  2. Congratulations Donna! Now I shall have to work out how long I've been blogging - I didn't realize one could celebrate. Do we get cake?

  3. Congrats Donna on the first six months and her's to the next six!

    Donna L Martin

  4. Congratulations - I have missed your first six months but now I've found you I'll pop by now and then!

  5. So how many noticed that the original title said "Moth" instead of "Month"? LOL!

    Thanks everyone!


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