Monday, July 16, 2012


If you've had an iPhone for a while, you've probably been using Instagram as well. Now that it's available for Android phones I downloaded the app to my smartphone. Initially it confused me, my brain is not wired intuitively for graphics.

I finally figured out that I could take photos with my phone camera and send it to Instagram to be cropped or just take them with the Instagram app itself. Then apply the filters and send to Twitter and/or Facebook (that is all I have set up).

I recently found a great web app that lets me see all my Instagram photos as well as those from folks that I follow as well as popular pics or ones that I've LOVED. It's called Instadash. This is a sample of my photos

[you can follow me at froggidonna]
Another great app lets you export/download/backup all your Instagram photos. It's called I just downloaded all of mine...slick! From their website:
What is Instaport?
Instaport is a simple way to export or backup all your Instagram photos by downloading a single zip file. You can then use it in combination with Google+, Facebook or any other (photo) application.
Do you use Instagram? Love to follow you, drop a comment with your ID and I'll see if I can find you!


  1. Thank you!! This is exactly what I've been looking for to enrich my instagram experience!! Yay!! ;p

  2. Sorry love - you lost me in the first sentence. There's only so much technospeak I can absorb in one day!


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