Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#Write4Ten Prompt: Rain

I've been writing my Write 4 Ten stories in the actual prompt but now that my online time is sporadic and limited, I will be posting them here...when I have ten minutes to spare.


It's the same thing, day after day. I am so sick of this rain. I used to think I enjoyed the sound of it, sometimes even the smell of it. You know, a warm summer day and a little rain while the sun still shines. I can even deal with the thunderstorms.

My mom hated thunderstorms, they terrified her. She made us unplug the television and wouldn't let us use the telephone or touch any faucets. But I know why she felt that way. When she was an Army nurse in WWII she was stationed in Key West. She told stories of sitting in the middle of the bed, a metal bed at that, watching the lightning travel round and round the room on the wires mounted on the walls up near the ceiling.

But I really don't think I can take another day of this before going stark, raving mad. Nothing smells fresh now, everything smells damp and musty, like a basement with a leak. Then there is the mud, you can't walk anywhere without getting stuck in the mud. It clings to your boots, sucking them in deeper with every step, clinging to your pant legs and anything else it can reach.

And the kids, the cable is out more often than not, all they do is argue and fight. They want to go outdoors but as soon as I get them dressed for the weather, they spend two minutes out there and are right back inside, driving me nuts!

I know, I'm whining when others have it worse. It could be a hurricane or a tornado or even an earthquake. Oh, wait a minute, I'll be right back. The weather radio just went off.

I've got to evacuate in 20 minutes, the dam has burst.


  1. Thanks for the post... You've give me some ideas for my blog.

  2. Ah, Donna, this pulled me right in. that is indeed what rain feels like (in a rainy part of the world). A cruel twist when it gets even worse through such a catastrophe.
    Thank you for encouraging us all through these 'write 4 ten' prompts. It's a wonderful way to get a bit of writing in during the lunch hour - I really look forward to spending a clear 10 minutes creating. :))

  3. I lived in Seattle for 10 years. I know exactly how crazy you can go on the 24th straight day of rain. Your story captured that feeling.

  4. Hope one day, you'll give the prompt a try, Terri. Stop over and visit Write 4 Ten and check it out.

  5. Glad you're enjoying it. I like writing for it, too, just don't always take the time. But I should...if I can just get this first chapter written. ;-)

  6. Thanks, Jill. I tried to take myself back to the Northeast and those rainy weeks when the kids were little.


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