Sunday, July 22, 2012

Leaving [Flash Fiction Flourish]

Trying my hand at a new flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction Flourish, thanks to Rosalind Smith-Nazilli. The instructions say to use the photo, the word specified and stay within a 100-150 word count. This week the word is 'leaving' and the photo is similar to below. Here is my contribution.

The shoreline was more quickly than she would have liked; a leisurely exit would have been nicer, but not her decision. It was completely out of her hands now; no more choices, no more chances, the door was closing behind them.

Time for another city, another name. She continually recreated herself; blonde, brunette, redhead - she'd tried them all. Maybe platinum this time or a snow white that would accent her youthful face. No, you never want to call attention to yourself; always blend easily into the crowd, nothing but a blurry image left in the mind's eye.

She sighed, this wasn't the life she had envisioned growing up in small town USA. An international art thief was not what she aspired to be but it was what she had become. A very good one for sure, but still a thief. She preferred to call herself an "Art Appreciation Relocation Expert".


  1. OMG, this is a fun read!! Love that title: Art Appreciation Relocation Expert!! :)

  2. ooh I really like this. very well done :)


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