Friday, July 6, 2012

Visual Dare - Parked Outside

Photo courtesy of Mrs S. A.
No one in sight, he slipped inside and ratcheted the seat as far forward as possible. Ducking quickly under the dash, he fiddled with the wires until the engine roared to life. He could barely reach the pedals. Gingerly he let the clutch out while he shifted the reluctant gears. His steering erratic, the car wobbled and bounced over the cobblestones, tossing him around on the seat. He rounded a corner too sharply and the car stalled on the sidewalk. Laughing, he jumped out and disappeared. Ten minutes of freedom, a priceless birthday gift for a homeless ten year old.
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Wake me later, I'm napping...


  1. That is PRECIOUS. Conjures up images of an inner-city Tom Sawyer having harmless fun at the expense (of front end alignment) of someone else! It's beautiful, just a mischievous snapshot of a normal boy who needed a little life and laughter for ten minutes.

    Loved it! Thanks for participating! Hope you'll do more in the future, as your (crazy busy!) writing schedule allows. :)

  2. I could see this little street urchin messing around this was fun, and a challenge to keep the number of words down. I enjoyed it and will definitely be trying more. Hoping I can get some into my WIP, too.

  3. A mischevious jaunt of an always loveable character, congrats on your first visual dare

  4. That sounded as if you were actually there!

  5. Thanks, this being my first visual dare I was a bit worried. I'm hoping to start incorporating them into my WIPs or at least short story ideas.

  6. This response to the visual dare is wonderful because it is not only very good writing, it also has the patented Donna B. McNicol spirit! There is an underlying innocent devilishness (yes there certainly IS such a thing:))which often underwrites your written work. So fun!


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