Friday, November 2, 2018

20 Day Wellness Challenge Result: Nov 1 2018

Did I make my goal for yesterday?

Well, since we don't have a set bedtime, it's great being retired, I adjusted this one to work for me. I chose "Go to sleep one hour earlier than usual." I normally turn off the light and drift off about 1am. Last night, I did it at midnight.
How did you do?

20 Day Mental Wellness Challenge


  1. Interesting. I usually started heading upstairs around 9 p.m. but after shower, reading, gaming, It's usually 10 or 10:30 before I unplug. Still, I wouldn't want to make it earlier!

    1. You are way better than I's often midnight before we head to bed, then I read blogs, play games, etc for another hour or two! Trying to get into bed before midnight this week and NOT using the iPad at all. Actually managed 8 hours of actual sleep last night (according to my FitBit).


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