Sunday, November 11, 2018

20 Day Wellness Challenge Result: Nov 10 2018

Did I make my goal for yesterday?

Since we have changed our way of eating (WOE) to a low carb+high protein lifestyle, this was easy. As we lose weight we are constantly trying on things that no longer fit. We have opted to keep a few things up one size, just in case, but only things that are almost new or expensive. The rest are gone! For me, the latest was going through my long-sleeved shirts. I had done my other t-shirts last month but for some reason, just assumed all my long-sleeved shirts would still work. Wrong! What about you? Did you go through your closet, kitchen, utility room, garage in search of your ten things?

20 Day Mental Wellness Challenge


  1. I went through my closet back in late September, Donna in preparation for changing over my winter to summer wardrobe. As I've mentioned we are preparing my MILs house for sale and as we live downstairs we will have to move as well. We are going through a decluttering process at the moment so I know I got rid of 10 things my MIL or I don't use anymore but these were mostly household items.

    1. I should do that too - but since we tend to winter in warmer climes, I end up keeping both winter/summer clothes out and in use. LOL! The biggest challenge is having clothes in both the RV and the house so I'm not having to move them them twice a year. LOL!


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