Tuesday, November 6, 2018

20 Day Wellness Challenge Result: Nov 5 2018

Did I make my goal for yesterday?

This has been a busy month for me and since most of my writing is now accomplished sitting on the loveseat using my lap desk, daily mail and other paperwork tends to get tossed onto my desk in my office. So today, I uncluttered my desk. Paid bills, did some filing, that type of thing. So now I can see my desk top! Yay! How about you? Did you meet today's goal?

20 Day Mental Wellness Challenge


  1. It is such a great feeling isn't it Donna! I think getting the admin stuff out of the way is always a relief. We are decluttering my MILs home and that will take more than a day LOL:)

    1. Good luck with decluttering you MILs home! It can be a challenge for sure.

    2. It is very overwhelming! We are making progress though x


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