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GUEST POST: Cindy Hogan - How do I get inspired?

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I always have to smile when new authors ask me how I get inspired. Typically, they will ask the question and then forget to wait for the answer. Instead, they forge forward telling me how they have this great idea for a book, but can't get it down on paper. They finish with asking about my muse.

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The truth is, being an author is like any other job. You HAVE to write(or do whatever it is you do at work) even when you don't feel like it. Yep, sometimes writing can be drudgery, but as an author, you have to work through it. You can't just say, I'm not feeling it today.

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How do I get through writer's block?

1. I walk and brainstorm, talking into a tape recorder

2. I watch a movie

3. I turn on music

4. I read for about an hour

However, I don't waste my whole day away. I make myself write. Sometimes I even sit and write nonsense until the real stuff comes.

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So, if you just don't feel like it-do something else creative for about one hour, then get back to work. You might be surprised at what you'll be able to create.

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