Sunday, November 11, 2012

#NaNoWriMo Interview: Lisa Shambrook

Is this your first year doing NaNoWriMo?

 Why did you decide this was the year?
 I saw all the comments, posts and excitement among my writer/blogger friends, I was invited and although I tried, I couldn't say no!

 What is your greatest fear?
 It's my first time, so fear is whether I can complete it!

How much preparation do you plan to do before November 1st?
 If I can overcome my amazing talent for procrastination, I will plan a lot over the next three weeks...already have a basic idea and plot lines...

Got anything you'd like to tell us about this years project?
 It's a sister book for my Kindle book already out...something I began last year, but put down for no apparent reason. Now I'm excited to pick it back up...and finish it!

Anything else you'd like to share?
 I'm scared..!

Lisa Shambrook author of 'Beneath the Rainbow'. 

I love to write, discovered Flash Fiction this year and got hooked.

I blog at
You can find me on Twitter @LastKrystallos



  1. So glad you let us twist your arm and join NaNo!! I loved reading your NaNo snippet!! :)

  2. Thanks Donna! Am loving this NaNo thing, I've never 'just written' without rereading a lot and editing all the way...this is freeing and fun!
    Ruth, I am soooo glad you twisted my arm...or this synopsis idea would have stayed right where it was, glad it's up and running! :)

  3. Can I just add here that I've recently read your first book and absolutely loved it - there's a blog post locked somewhere in the back of brain about it which I will search for and write once NaNo is over.
    I think it's great you are revisiting you characters to write another book.
    NaNoWriMo - the place where those little dreams are given the wings to fly! xx

  4. So glad you enjoyed it Sarah! We are certainly flying!


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