Monday, November 19, 2012

#NaNoWriMo Interview: Mara Alten

Is this your first year doing NaNoWriMo?
   Sort of. I did Camp NaNoWriMo this past August.

If yes, why did you decide this was the year?
   I decided to do it this year because I finally pushed myself to make the time. I feel that August was the prep for November's NaNo.

If yes, what is your greatest fear?
   I actually have no fears about the upcoming NaNo. A tip I can give is to not worry and just write. Don't over think anything. That will make you fail.

How much preparation do you plan to do before November 1st?
   I have my entire novel planned out as much as I can. I have most of the world building done long before I even start the novel on November 1st. The rest gets built as I write.

Got anything you'd like to tell us about this years project?
   I am writing my second novel in my Memoirs of a Forbidden Exile Hexalogy. It's a science fiction novel about a ruling family and their trials as the most important family in their race. Especially the life of the eldest daughter, Elizabeth, whose father tried to kill her and didn't know that he didn't.

Anything else you'd like to share?
   NaNo is fun if you don't stress about it and just write. That's the best advice I can give, just write.

My website can be found here: I am a Young Adult Children's librarian at a small town library in my hometown. I love reading and writing and am loving NaNo.


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