Saturday, November 10, 2012

#NaNoWriMo Interview: Steven Paul Watson

Is this your first time doing NaNo?

If no, how many times have you done it and have you won?
This will be my seventh year doing NaNo...and so far i'm going at 50%. I've completed it three years and failed three years.

If no, what is the best tip you can give to a first-time NaNo'er?
Best tip I could give...just write. Don't over think it once you sit down and start writing, just attack. It's something I fail at myself.

How much preparation do you plan to do before November 1st?
First few times I did NaNo I just winged it. Didn't go in with much of a plot or breakdown and just ran with whatever wild thought came to mind. This year much like last I have much more of an idea of where the story could be going (doesn't always go that way once I sit down and start though).

Got anything you'd like to tell us about this years project?
Besides here we are a little over a day from the start of NaNo...I have 2 projects set up...and don't know which I’m doing yet.

34....hopeless romantic and all around dreamer... Quiet until you get to know me and even then I can be anti social. Living in Kentucky, for now. One day hopes to see my stories on the shelf for all to see.



  1. Great tip Steven, just attack...I've never written like that before, I over analyse and try to perfect each chapter before moving on. I'm really trying to go for the attack on this one and so far so good! Good luck with yours!

  2. Last year I was in attack mode and had no problems, but this year with so many side projects going on, I'm slipping behind and can't seem to shut my inner editor up. Good luck with your nano!

  3. Terrific tip: don't over think!! Man, that is my nemesis!! Wishing you happy writing!! :)


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