Thursday, November 29, 2012

#NaNWriMo Interview: Racquel Kechagias

Is this your first year doing NaNoWriMo?

How many times have you done it and have you won?
This is my second year doing Nanowrimo. I did not win last year as I had started a job about the same time and it was difficult to manage doing both.

What is the best tip you can give to a first-time NaNo'er?
The best tip that I can give to a first-time Nano'er is re-read if you are struggling and to never stop asking questions. Whether on a facebook page/group or on the Nano-forums, there are always people willing to help you with your story no matter at what point your stuck at!

Got anything you'd like to tell us about this years project?
I was going to go with my second novel in a three-part series for this years Nano however since I didn't have time to plan it, I'm pulling out two very old short stories of mine 'The Fairy Games' and 'Miss Underworlds Journey'.

Got anything else you'd like to share?
If you're not struggling my best tip is just keep writing and don't stop!

I've been an amateur writer for several years now, my pursuit in this career dating back to 2006. However, it's only been recently that I've really poured myself into my writing. I've been a member of several booksites such as Bookrix, Booksie, Wattpad and so forth. I've also been involved in several writing competitions. This year I will be releasing my first ebook on all the major ebook markets in Late November, early December. I've been able to complete it due to August's Camp Nano! So keep your eyes out for 'The Fire Within' by Racquel Kechagias.

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