Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Snippets - Sundry Somethings

Thank you to my wonderful new online writing friend, Beth Zimmerman, for inspiring me to add a weekly feature, Sunday Snippets - Sundry Somethings where I will post little snippets of topics. It might be a rant, a movie, my life now, my life past, my family-friends, blogs I've get the idea. Just snippets about something. So here is my first Sunday Snippets - Sundry Somethings post.

First snippet, for those who follow my personal blog, hubby is doing great. He is still going out for two hours of PT daily (double knee replacement done on 3/27) as well as doing an hour at home on the off days. If he continues recovering at his current pace, they hope to discharge him in another two weeks .

That brings me to snippet two, we already have tickets for the 2012 CMA Music Fest in Nashville. We attended for the first time in 2009 and look forward to doing it again. If it is a hot as it was in 2009, we will only do the evening big show. Of course, how much we do each day also depends on Stu's energy level by then (early June).

Snippet three, many folks have commented that they would like to see some of my flash fiction expanded into short stories (or more). I may dabble with that a bit but my major focus is to get my first romance novel, A Montana Chance, completed. I'll let it percolate for few weeks before tackling the first edit. That's when I may try to take some of these flash stories and expand them. I'll keep you updated!

Final one, number four, will be something you may or may not know about me, a "getting to know me" snippet. This time it will be a baby photo of me...saved by my youngest brother from a old slide.


  1. Hi Donna. I like the idea of seeing something from you on a weekly basis and I love the pic of you as a little girl. Adorable! I'm glad your hubby is healing nicely. Keep up the good work!

  2. Awww ... weren't you a cutie pie! Thanks for the shout-out! Your friendship is a blessing to me!


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