Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week One #atozchallenge Thank You

Well, week one is done and what a week it's been. As some of you know my husband had a double knee replacement done on March 27th and was moved to a rehab center on March 30th. I've been busy visiting and supporting him, thus the reason I started writing my A to Z posts early. Oh, he is doing can see pics and updates on our personal blog.

I have to extend a huge thank you to the hosts of this blog challenge...I mean WOW! You guys rock. You read all the bogs, comment on many, write your own posts and still manage to have a real life (at least some of the time). You guys rock!

The next thank you is to all my new visitors and followers. I started this challenge with 23 followers and am now up to 52. I love writing and am happy that some of you want to keep reading what I write. I appreciate every one of you.

For those that have commented, please forgive me if I haven't commented back. My hours have been very limited but I've tried. But I guarantee that I have visited and probably commented on your blogs. There is some amazing writing/work going on out there in blogland. Thank you for participating!

PS> Wondering about the frog? Well Froggi is my nickname and I wanted something that made me smile in honor of all of you that have made me smile!



  1. Hi, Donna, Actually I've been awake for a long time and been to Sunday School and church, along with singing in the Easter Cantata and teaching a class of little old ladies (age 79 up). Had a great time and now I am waiting for my daughter and Son-in-law to pick me up for lunch. In the meantime, I am trying to visit some more blog posts. Best wishes to you, Ruby

  2. Hi Ruby, thanks for visiting and commenting. I just visited your blog, you are amazing! Love your writing, inspires me to get to work on my cozy mystery soon. Thanks for checking out my blog, enjoying the A to Z exposure.

  3. Isn't this challenge amazing? I love all the posts and the hosts, you are right, are fantastic. I am trying to read as many posts (and comment!) as I can today. I meant to write my own wrap up but so far... haven't gotten to it! I will, I will, I will!!

    I look forward to reading more of your words!

    Julie Jordan Scott
    twitter: @juliejordanscot
    G is for Gabriela Mistral
    Fellow A to Z Challenge Writer

  4. Hey, I love the new look here! Definitely a thumbs up! Thanks for taking the time to be supportive this week; I know it's been hectic. :)

  5. Since my days have been eaten up with being a caretaker, taking a day off for "me" has let me read my huge blog backlog. Phew! ;-)

  6. Thanks, when there was no place to comment yesterday I suspected the template. Ended up redoing it and still no comments till I deleted and re-added the post. Strange...but I like this look, too. Plus it ties the header into my Facebook page. ;-)

  7. I'm glad your husband is doing better and congrats on the new followers!

  8. It's been a blessing to get to know you (a little bit so far). Thank you for your encouraging voice! Love your writing!

  9. Thanks, Donna. He moved from crutches to a cane today and should be coming home on Friday for sure. We're excited!

  10. Thank you, Beth. This A to Z Challenge is an amazing thing and I am definitely finding some blogs that I will continue to follow when it's over.


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