Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vehicle - A to Z Blog Hop


 My theme is 10x10.
A maximum of ten sentences, a minimum of 100 words.

Pointing to the ancient bike frame, sitting alone and neglected, far apart from the others, my son David shouted, “Hey dad, how about that one?”

To read the full story, please check out the Amazon e-book
"A to Z in 10 x 10".
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  1. Been here, done this! Hard to do, as the dad says, giving advice only when asked for! Nicely done from the male perspective.

  2. What a delightful little story! :)

  3. Vintage? Oh yeah, that makes for a happy ending. Nice work!

  4. Thanks everyone,I think this is my only flash in the A-Z without a twist of some sort. LOL!

  5. Cracking little story!

    Hope your comments are increasing.

    Love the alphabet bar at the bottom of each post. I'm going to steal it!

  6. Thanks you, Christine. I've been saving your entire story as unread so I can read it all at once. I love the snippets I've let myself see.

  7. Thanks for visitng AND commenting, Dino. Glad you enjoyed it...and the alphabet bar. ;-)


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